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Espagnolette and cremone bolts


  • Handcrafted using both traditional and new technologies.

  • Replica of the espagnolette bolt from the 18th-19th centuries.

  • Delivered from 2 weeks to the address of your choice.

  • Ready to install: No welding or cutting on site.​

  • Hinges or cards to harmonise the whole windows and doors.

  • Possible to incorporate manufacturing into your DWG plans.


3 types of fixing for simple and efficient assembly


  • Traditional assembly
  • Lace fixed by nut
  • For historical monuments mostly
  • Installation according to the rules of art
  • Not suitable for modern joinery


  • View from the interior is traditional 
  • Suitable for joinery manufactured on CNC machines
  • Quick and efficient assembly
  • No need to drill the sash


  • Surface mounting
  • Ready to install, just screw
  • Suitable for modern wooden joinery
  • Without nicks


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Overview of our models


What are the specificities of our products?

Unique piece of work

We offer handiworks that are unique in their design. Our products are made by skilled craftsmen. To obtain perfect results, we manufacture our products in an artisanal manner.

Each piece passes through our hands several times. Even within our workshops, we give all our know-how to create unique works. By carefully observing the elements you will notice not only the natural symbols but also those of animals.

Massive, therefore authentic

Designed to last over time, the espagnolette bolt will be part of your interior for life. When choosing the espagnolette bolt, you are first and foremost looking for a distinctive sign, an element of differentiation that will make your interior unique. We use solid materials to make our espagnolette and cremone bolts. So our products are completely authentic.

Tailor-made according to the wooden windows and doors

When you order espagnolette bolts for your wooden doors, we produce tailor-made products. You don’t have to make any adjustments once you receive the products. Our espagnolette and cremone bolts are authentic products, manufactured according to the requirements of architects of French buildings (ABF). A standard valid for all our products.

Simply delivered as a complete package

It might seem surprising, but when we talk about complete provision, we don’t skimp on words. All production is therefore delivered with all its accessories, screws included. Real screws that fit perfectly to the historical products.

In sublime agreement

Have you opted for a modern window? Nothing is lost with the false cremone. It allows you to operate the built-in cremone bolt while having the same design as the real one, the one mounted on the surface. The harmony continues. Our products are therefore suitable for both traditional and modern windows.

Authentic colour directly from the factory

When leaving the workshop, our products are made of raw iron with the natural colour of steel. Without any special request from you, we deliver the product to you in its authentic colour of steel. We can also apply a “black oxide” finish and impregnate it in wax which slightly blackens the product while protecting it from corrosion. The treatment is called blackening and it is realised in hot baths.

Interior wooden shutter for good sleep and decoration

Our workshop proposes the bolts for each situation: windows without or with interior shutters, doors, French doors, exterior shutters. For the interior shutter, we have a little trick, we add the lugs at the bottom and top of the rod allowing the shutter to be closed together with the sashes.

Replica of original bolt

We offer you exceptional pieces, but we also design espagnolette bolts or any other product according to your customization needs. Our team is also capable of producing identical parts based on a drawing or photos that you want.

Original models restored or repaired

Thinking about a new life for your old cremone and espagnolette bolts? We also do restoration. Breathe new life into your damaged cremones by restoring them.

Handpicked models

We put a part of ourselves into each of the projects we carry out. We take great care in making our products, mostly they are made by hand. Discover all the know-how of our artisans and ironworkers and benefit from unique pieces.

Any customization possible

The incredible flexibility in our products allows us to adapt to your desires. Having trouble deciding between iron or brass? What if you combined the two? It’s up to you to choose according to your own taste and your interior.

A collection of unique pieces

Choose between 37 models of handles,  11 cremone bolts and thousands of combinations for your projects. Several customization possibilities await you.

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