Cremone bolts

Our cremone bolts are custom-made in our workshop in Mirotice to fit your windows.

  • Ready to install: No welding or cutting on site.​
  • Hinges in the same style to harmonise the interiors.
  • Possible to incorporate the bolts into your DWG plans.


Discover our antique espagnolettes and cremone bolts by downloading our catalog.

Cremone bolts : overview of our models

What are the specificities of our cremone bolts ?

Tailor-made cremone bolts to match the joinery

When you order cremone bolts for your wooden windows, we design them to fit your project. 

Our cremone bolts are authentic products, manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the Architectes de Bâtiments de France. A standard that applies to all our products.

Delivered as a complete package

It might seem surprising, but when we talk about complete delivery, we don’t skimp on words. All production is therefore delivered with all its accessories, screws included. Real screws that fit perfectly to the historical products.

In sublime agreement

Have you opted for a modern window? Nothing is lost with the false cremone. 

It allows you to operate the built-in cremone bolt while having the same design as the real one, the one mounted on the surface. Our products are therefore suitable for both traditional and modern windows.

Replica of original bolt

We offer you exceptional pieces, but we also design espagnolette bolts or any other product according to your customization needs. Our team is also capable of producing identical parts based on a drawing or photos that you want.

Original models restored or repaired

Thinking about a new life for your old cremone and espagnolette bolts? We also do restoration. Breathe new life into your damaged cremone bolts by restoring them.

A collection of unique pieces

Choose between 37 models of handles, 11 cremone bolts and thousands of combinations for your projects. Several customization possibilities await you.

Frequently asked questions about cremone bolts

What's the difference between an espagnolette and a cremone bolt?

Espagnolette and cremone bolts are two locksmithing systems used to lock and operate wooden joinery. Although the cremone bolt is a more recent mechanism, both systems coexist today, and the choice between cremone and espagnolette bolts often depends on personal preference and architectural style. The two mechanisms work in different ways. The espagnolette bolt consists of a single rod with hooks at the ends, operated by the handle. Espagnolette bolts are often used for double-sash windows (traditional French windows), doors and interior French windows. They can also be adapted to single-leaf windows, and they can close interior wooden shutters in a single operation. Cremone bolts, on the other hand, are used to close wooden windows or interior doors, particularly in Haussmann-style apartments. The major distinction between espagnolette and cremone bolts also lies in their direction of movement. The rods of a cremone bolt move vertically, up and down, while the espagnolette rod rotates, allowing the hooks to be inserted into the window frame to close it.

How to repair a cremone bolt on the door ?

Sometimes there are problems that can be solved simply by cleaning the cremone and applying a suitable vaseline to the moving parts of the cremone, such as strikers, rods and locking mechanisms. If the cremone bolt still doesn’t work, check that certain parts are not worn-out. Commonly worn or damaged parts are springs, gears, rods or locking mechanisms. To replace defective parts, it may be advisable to call in a professional to assess the condition of the antique cremone bolt and solve the problem. Contact us to find out more.

What do I do if the handle on my cremone has broken off?

The most likely cause is wear on the tenon, which can be replaced. To do this, we recommend that you contact a professional and send him a photo of the parts concerned. Contact us for restoration or reproduction of your antique cremone handle.

Espagnolette bolt

As we are passionate about antique locksmithing, our workshop is specialized in the manufacture of antique cremone and espagnolette bolts.

Our espagnolettes are also made-to-measure, with 37 customizable models for your windows and doors.

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